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We start the tour in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria driving to the south of the island, visiting both the best spots in the south coast and inner of the island. In the coast we will drive through Maspalomas, Arguineguin, Puerto Rico and Puerto de Mogán. From Puerto de Mogán we will head to the mountains of the inside of the island, visiting beautiful places such as the dam of Cueva de las Niñas and the Roque Nublo. Then we will drive down to Vecindario and afterwards back to Las Palmas. The route is approximately 200 kms amd with stops and lunch will have a duration of around 7 hours.

Our first stop will be in Maspalomas to visit the Dunes of Maspalomas. This place is a natural reserve since 1987, visited every year by thousands of tourists. After this stop we keep driving by the coastline to Arguineguin, a typical fishing village, where you can taste fresh fish in many of its bars and restaurants. We will continue the coastline until we reach Puerto de Mogán. Puerto de Mogán is a beautiful coastal village with almost no buildings over two storeys high. It is called by some as the “Venice of the Canaries” due to its canals linking the marina to the fishing harbor.

Dunas Maspalomas     Arguineguin Pesca

From Puerto de Mogán we leave the coast and head to the inside of the island, driving through the village of Mogán, with a population of just approximately 500 people. We will visit the dam of Cueva de las Niñas and the Roque Nublo. The Roque Nublo is an 80 meter monolith at a height of 1,813 metres from sea level. It is one of the most famous landmarks in the island.

Presa de cueva  de las niñas     Roque Nublo

After visiting the inner of the island we drive down to Santa Lucia de Tirajana and Vencindario. From Vecindario we will drive back to Las Palmas and finish the tour.

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