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Touring Ride is a family company managed by Krister and Robert, father and son, that offers the opportunity to discover the Canary Islands, also called “the Fortunate Islands”, riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Thanks to the extensive experience of Krister in organizing motorcycle tours, our purpose is that our clients have an unforgettable experience. The passion we have for motorcycling has served as an antecedent to embark ourselves with Touring Ride.

Krister, born in Sweden, has been a biker since a teenager. Moved to Gran Canaria for over 30 years ago, so he knows the best roads and the best spots to enjoy some beautiful views and taste the local canarian cuisine. Now in his 60s he spend his time riding with bikers to show the beauty of the Canary Islands. On his free time he loves to ride his Ultra 94′ Evo!

Robert, also born in Sweden but moved with his family to Gran Canaria when he was a small kid. As a teenager he loved to go with Krister when he was going for a ride with friends. Worked as Stockbroker for almost 9 years and decided to change his life 180 degrees to help Krister at Touring Ride. He rides a Sportster XR1200X and is always looking for a ride out with friends!

Big Mountain Tour | Gran Canaria | Canary Islands

Big Mountain Tour | Gran Canaria | Canary Islands

We are based in Gran Canaria, an island that has much more to offer apart from sun and beach. With our Tours and Rentals you will have the chance to visit places of great beauty and enjoy a unique cuisine. The exceptional climate allows us to enjoy driving a Harley Davidson all year long, making it a privilege to do it during the winter season. Why wait for months to enjoy a nice ride?, in Touring Ride we want bikers to continue driving at any time of the year.

In Touring Ride we will adjust to the wishes and needs of the customers, making customized Tours adapted to your interests and budget. We offer packages that include transfer, accommodation, half board service and Harley Davidson guided tours. We are happy to attend you in case you are interested in joining us on our Tours.

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